2018 marketing

How Will Product Marketing Change in 2018?

Developments and Innovation in Labelling

As shoppers become more selective, label printers need to help their clients stand out from the crowd.

2017 has been something of a vintage year for the label and package printing industry. Interest in the field has never been higher, and this was proved when LabelExpo, the largest event in the world dedicated to label printing, attracted a record number of attendees. This, along with advances in technology and increasingly ambitious briefs from clients, shows that the industry has never been in better, more forward-thinking shape. It remains to be seen whether 2018 will hit the same heights, but we can look forward to some exciting developments in the coming months. Here are the biggest changes on the horizon.


Sustainable packaging is becoming a must for an increasingly environmentally conscious market. Promoting the use of recycled materials on a product label will increase a company’s environmentally friendly credentials. Advances in the chemicals used in adhesives will also mean that brands can lessen the impact they have on the environment. More and more companies want to show that as well as having a superior product, they’re ethically ahead of their rivals too – so this is going to be incredibly important in 2018.

Colour control

As label designs become more and more elaborate, clients are placing an emphasis on colour consistency across a brand. A label printer will need to be able to replicate colours accurately to satisfy the client’s wishes for a strong brand identity. Without the required colour certifications, a brand could see themselves losing clients at a rapid rate.

We’re going digital

Digital printing is on the up. This method of printing offers minimal waste, incredible consistency (which is vital to the success of a brand), and a super-fast turnaround that means incredible speed to market. With the rise of digital printing will come some challenges for printers. How will they set themselves apart while using a method that generates the same results wherever it’s carried out? We can expect to see a focus on things like intricate decoration techniques and specialised coatings as companies try to stay ahead of the competition.

Thermal transfer labelling

Thermal transfer labels are something that’s been steadily growing in popularity, and in 2018 that’s set to continue. Thermal labels are incredibly durable and fade proof, so they’ll remain in great condition for much longer than other labels. Thanks to the extreme accuracy of this printing method, barcodes can be read and scanned much more easily too. It’s easy to see why they’re so appealing to clients.

Always call in the experts

If you’re going to be bringing a product to stores in 2018, then you should work with an experienced label manufacturer to stay on top of the latest trends. They’ll have the equipment that you need to create stunning labels quickly but without scrimping on quality. They’ll also be able to offer advice on what kind of label is best suited to your product. Whether you’re launching a craft beer or a new children’s toy, a good label will see your product sell at a much better rate. So why do things by halves when you can call in the professionals?