digital marketing with an SEO consultant

What to Expect From Your SEO Consultant

The role of the SEO Consultant is key to increasing your business’s online presence.

As the internet continues to grow, being ranked highly in search engines is more important than ever. A good SEO Consultant will deliver a high return in this crucial area.

We are constantly reminded about the importance of search engine optimisation in today’s online world, and there are any number of SEO Consultants looking for business. Yet when it comes to understanding what SEO really means and what these consultants do, it seems that to many, the subject is shrouded in mystery and seen as something of a black art.

To get the best results, it is essential to work in partnership with your SEO provider, and the most effective SEO Consultants are those that are seen as part of the team rather than a third party service provider.

To do this, you need a working understanding of what SEO is and the methods by which it can be achieved.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving search engine rankings. In other words, ensuring that when someone types in some key words that are relevant to your business, your website features prominently in the search results.

Successful SEO is all about understanding the algorithms by which search engines work. Put simply, the top results displayed for any internet search will be those that the search engine considers the most relevant and authoritative.

This is intuitively obvious – if you search offline for a solution to a specific problem, for example a car that will not start, you need a company that is relevant, ie that specialises in car repair, and that is authoritative, ie that knows what it is doing.

Being fully automated, search engines have specific ways of assessing these two metrics, and it is by understanding and tapping into these that your SEO Consultant can make a big difference to your search engine rankings.


The first aspect is the more easily understood. It is all about making your content obvious for both visitors and search engine robots to understand. Search engines are becoming ever more sophisticated, but in the end they are still machines with limitations and they do not understand content in the same way as a human.

Your SEO expert can provide information to ensure the search engine understands what your page is about and the products and services your business provides.


Making sure the search engine knows that your website is relevant to the search is just the first step. The second challenge is to convince it that yours is a better result to display than numerous others offering similar products and services. This is where authority comes in.

Again, we can compare this with an offline enquiry. You can find any number of mechanics, but how do you decide which ones you are likely to entrust with your car? Probably by consider the following questions:

  • Have I used them before?
  • Do others recommend them?
  • Have they many years of experience?
  • Do they appear to be busy and successful?
  • Do they have professional third party endorsements within the industry?

Successful SEO provides your web pages with the links and therefore the traffic that presents it as an authority in the eyes of search engines. It is the online equivalent of “word-of-mouth”

An investment for the future

Getting SEO right takes time. The algorithms by which search engines operate are constantly evolving and this is why it is essential to use an effective SEO Consultant who understands both the SEO world and, critically, the specific needs and aims of your business. A successful business marketing plan needs to include both SEO and digital marketing if it is to compete with other businesses.

But get it right, and you will soon be reaping the benefits in terms increased website visits and new business leads.