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Using Corporate Videos To Aid Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Corporate Videos Can Significantly Boost SEO

Everybody likes to watch videos. The fact is that people are far more likely to click on video links than text, meaning more traffic and improved SEO.

The statistics are undeniable – if you want to get somebody’s attention online, they are far more likely to click on a video than a website. So it is little wonder that more and more companies are using video content of one sort or another as a part of their digital marketing campaign.

More clicks means more traffic and a greater likelihood of visitors sharing your content. This is, in itself, a good recipe to improve search engine result page (SERP) rankings, but there is also a subtler benefit that corporate video production can bring to your SEO campaign.

This is that Google has also seen the benefit of video content and is eager to see YouTube videos achieving high SERP rankings.

In addition, adding fresh, relevant content is always good news for SEO and creating video content is a great way of achieving this.

Here we look at the key stages in creating a corporate video.

Identify the key points

As with any marketing message, the first step is to identify the main points that you want to get across. Who is your target audience, what needs or problems are they looking to solve and what is the unique selling point that makes you a better solution than your competitors?

Also, think about how you will get this message across in a memorable way. When you are creating a corporate brochure, it needs to convey the identity of your company in a way that sets it apart. The same applies with video content.

Create a detailed brief

Before anybody begins filming, your production company needs to understand exactly what your company is all about. They need to know what your company does, how it does it and what you are aiming to achieve from the campaign.

This detailed understanding will dictate exactly how they approach the project as a whole, and whether they will use live filming, stock footage, animation or perhaps all of these in combination.

Video scripting

We are always being told that people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, so do not aim too high in terms of duration. The average online news story is around 90 seconds long, so this is a good starting point to consider.

This means you need to get straight to the point, remembering those key messages and unique selling points.

Consider how you might grab your audience’s attention and keep it. For example, telling a personal story is always a good way to connect with an audience and make people think.

Promoting content

The internet is a big place, containing a huge amount of content, so once your video has been created, it needs to be promoted to attract attention.

Social media is an effective way of getting the message out, so share your video content across your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. It is recommended that you spend a third of your budget on promotion – there is no point in making the best video of the year if nobody watches it.

It might also make sense to promote your video to a selective audience – if you are in a specialist field, you might not need a million views from people who have no interest in or use for your product or service.