Christmas phones

Second Hand Phone Deals for Christmas

With the rate of change in mobile phones – most makers release new ones at least annually – it can be a costly exercise keeping bang up to date. A great way of owning the latest tech is to buy used; the canny buyer will often buy a phone one or even two versions ‘behind’ the latest model, save a bundle, and still have a phone bristling with modern technology.

Why bother buying new?

It’s important to remember manufacturers will often change their smartphone range frequently in the interests of keeping interest up in their products and stimulating sales. There’s evidence to suggest though that even sales of hugely successful products such as Apple’s iconic iPhone are slowing a little as fewer people decide to upgrade each time a new one is launched.

Perhaps people are realising there’s not always a need to upgrade every time their contract ends, and more are turning to used phones to keep up to date as economically and as flexibly as possible. Amongst the used mobile phones for sale are favourites from Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony and it’s possible to choose from the latest version (for example, the current iPhone 7) to one or two previous model releases such as the iPhone 6S, 6 and 5S.


Once your contract has expired, you’re in a great position of being able to switch to a SIM only deal where you can save money per month as there’s no subsidised phone in the package. If you want the latest model, it usually means taking out another two year contract and being committed to a higher monthly amount and to a particular network. Alternatively, you can buy a brand new phone outright to avoid a contract, but this is expensive.

A used phone provides a solution to both situations. You benefit from up to date or at least very recent technology, a SIM only or maybe even a pay as you go arrangement, and the flexibility to change networks sooner if you desire rather than having to wait until your contract expires – or buy it out at great expense.

Plenty of choice

Sometimes buying or upgrading to the latest phone means you’re paying for features you may not need. Even models from two or three generations ago can be powerful enough for many. Is that enhanced camera necessary when you only take the occasional snapshot on your phone? How much memory do you really need?

Buying used means you can choose the technology that you’d genuinely benefit from without paying for unused functionality.

For example, it’s possible to equip yourself with a thoroughly decent Samsung S4 Mini for less than £80 and even the newer S6 can be had for not much over £200.  The popular HTC One can be yours for well under £200 and the Apple iPhone 6S, only replaced recently with the 7, is available for around £300 – half the price of its successor.

Is there a risk buying used?

Not especially so long as you buy from a reliable source. Look for an easy to follow returns policy, plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers, and an attitude to customer service such as a willingness to be available to talk about your requirements on the phone or via live chat, and quick delivery.