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Build A Stronger Marketing Team With Staff Team Building

How To Boost Employee Engagement With Corporate Team Exercises

All companies can benefit from a boost in employee engagement and productivity. Learn how team building activities can help you achieve more from your staff.

Whether your company is lagging in terms of productivity, or you’re just curious to enhance the performance of what your employees can achieve together, then staff team building events are worth considering. Recent statistics determined by a 2015 Gallup Study, conclude that a highly-engaged leadership team can boost employee engagement by up to 39%. Activities which involve your internal departments collaborating and problem-solving by working together in teams, are excellent ways to boost employee engagement.

Types of Activity

There are many types of team-building activities that could support the training of your staff. These range from indoor team building events such as treasure hunts, cocktail masterclasses or Crystal Maze exercises, to a more intensive type of training event that might involve an action weekend of paintballing, karting, tank-racing or other types of competitive corporate fun.

Communication Skills

Whatever type of team building event choose, your employees will be persuaded to demonstrate and improve their communication skills with fellow team members. Often, simply stepping outside of the office environment can inspire even the quieter members of your departments to come out of their shells somewhat. Your employees will learn more about their colleagues outside of the workplace and will gain more of an understanding of their personalities and what makes them tick.

Emerging Leaders

By surveying the way that your team members collaborate with each other during these problem-solving activities, it will become evident who are your natural leaders and who garners the most respect from their fellow co-workers. This is important if you are looking to promote some employees to heads of department or team leader positions. The results of these activities may be quite illuminating and allow you to consider different candidates from the obvious choices.


Most team building events ultimately aim to get your employees working together successfully as a collective. However, the activities will also help you, as an employer, to identify the individual talents of your staff. Where one worker displays a particular skillset, this can be useful for pinpointing the types of company tasks you can delegate to them. This will allow you to bring the best out of your individual staff members and allow them to excel within their teams.


Many team building events can be tailored to your specific company requirements. This means that you can focus the team activities based on the types of problem you wish to solve back at the office, even though the fun nature of team building events means that your employees won’t be thinking about work at all! By customising your approach to team bonding days, this will give you the opportunity to improve internal processes and policies, and you will easily be able to identify any hindrances that are inhibiting productivity.

By booking a corporate team building event, you send out a clear message to your employees that you wish to invest in both your brand and in the future of your personnel. This will give your staff faith that yours is a company worth working for.